Emotional Relief Master Class

An Emotional Mastery Life Class

We are driven daily by our emotions. They have an important influence on physical health, and it’s important to learn how to lead a healthier life by managing your emotions. Why is it that within a nanosecond we can go from calm and collected to completely freaked out and full of outrage. What do we need to know in order to get a handle on feelings?

The Emotional Relief Master Class will show you:

  • What is your Emotional Guidance System, and how to use it.
  • How to notice the subtle signs that you're going off track.
  • What happens when you ignore your emotions.
  • Why achieving emotional relief seems harder for those who are Intuitive, Empathic and/or Highly Sensitive - and what to do about it.
  • The #1 thing you need to know that will help you go from feeling powerless to empowered.
  • How to achieve Emotional Mastery in your life.

You will receive the recorded class right away and can view it online or download it to watch later.

"Your work is totally awesome and has changed my life. I don't think a day will go by without my knowing how to deal with the emotions I go through on a daily basis. I know I have a lot more work to do in my life, but I feel this is a huge turning point for me and it will only continue to get easier and easier! Thank you so very much!"

- Kathy O'Herron

“Linda is so authentic and amazing. She can help you overcome stuck places and move to an energetic clarity. Her programs can and will transform your life."

- Judy Helm Wright

Your Instructor

Linda Binns
Linda Binns
Once divorced, homeless, in-debt, and with nobody she could turn to for support, Linda Binns is now a successful business owner, accomplished energy coach and author of multiple books. Linda works with people who are experiencing change and transition, are frustrated with where they are "at," or are searching for those essential techniques for freeing their energy, clarifying focus, and incorporating inner awareness, acceptance, and peace.

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